Joy Unlimited. Life Transformed.

Are you a smart, accomplished woman in the second half of life who’s wondering, “What’s my best next chapter? How can I tap into my gifts and talents to live more fully and create the difference in the world that only I can make?”

Maybe you’ve read countless self-help books, attended retreats and seminars, perhaps even therapy, but you still aren’t where you want to be.

Whether your nest is empty and lonely, or you’re happily looking forward to more me-time in retirement, you want your choices to be life-enhancing.  You sense time slipping by, and there’s a strong urge to “make this time really count," but you may not even know where to begin.

If so, Joy Unlimited, Life Transformed may be perfect for you!  This 10-week science-based coaching program that integrates mind-body-spirit will help you:  

  • Embrace and ignite your personal strengths, values, and passions

  • Recognize old patterns and limiting beliefs that may be undermining you, and learn evidence-based tools to disengage from them

  • Develop time-tested skills to decrease stress, and foster forgiveness and compassion

  • Make wise decisions based on your True North values and intentions as you create your best next chapter. 

With my guidance and support, this group of amazing women will enjoy an empowering, uplifting, transformative experience that integrates mind-body-spirit to foster life-long benefits of wellbeing.

Format: 10-week in-person group coaching program limited to 8 women, with start-dates three times yearly includes:

  • Standardized assessments of your strengths, values, passions, and goals

  • 1 30-minute individual call to review personal assessments and jump-start your success

  • 8 90-minute group sessions so you can release what no longer serves you, learn new ways of being, and create an amazing next chapter

  • 2 20-minute individual laser coaching calls to keep you on track with inspired progress

  • Private facebook group where members can connect, give and receive feedback, support each other, post assignments, and delight in your new-found vibrancy

  • 3 Guided “The Power of Possibility” meditations so you can engage with new practices wherever you are

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~ Mary Oliver, The Summer Day

Call today to schedule your free 25-Minute consultation. In this call, I’ll learn more about your dreams and challenges, answer questions, and see if you’re a good fit for the program. whether you’re right for the program or not, you’ll receive healing tools you can use right away, and personal recommendations for your next best steps on the call.


Psychotherapy is a unique experience.  It's first and foremost built on a good relationship with a highly trained professional who'll help you clarify your specific concerns, and collaborate with you to move toward meaningful resolutions.  While many people learn new perspectives and ways of coping from books and videos, those strategies are generic for everyone.  The healing of therapy arises primarily from the therapeutic relationship itself. 

As a warm, knowledgeable, and compassionate psychologist, I'll help you:

  • Learn to apply new strategies for thriving in the midst of difficulties

  • Enhance self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-mastery

  • Shift limiting beliefs so you can enjoy greater vitality, fulfillment, and joy

  • Develop skills to build meaningful and compassionate connections with others

  • Flourish as you live your life's highest calling.

My therapeutic approach integrates the best of evidence-based Western psychology, practical neuroscience, and ancient wisdom traditions.  

Call today to schedule your complimentary 25-minute consultation.